Rev. D. “Bear” Dirkx’s Bio

Deann’ Bear’ Dirkx was adopted and came to the United States from  Pusan (now Busan), South Korea, in 1965. She grew up on a farm  taking care of sheep, walking in the beanfields, and mowing lawns for  her neighbor and her home. Bear attended Minnesota School for the  Deaf and graduated in 1981 and went on to five different colleges and  did not complete her B.A. degree. After those years of a rollercoaster  life until then, she found her relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ in  2008, and God qualified the call in her life to become an Evangelist.  Bear attended North Central University in Minneapolis in the Spring of  2009 and then transferred to the Valley Forge Christian College (today’s  University of Valley Forge) in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, in 2011. She  finally obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Deaf Pastoral Studies in  May 2012, the same time she received licensure to preach until 2021,  she became ordained. Bear has been doing ministry with older people  and patients (Deaf and Hearing) in retirement centers, nursing homes,  hospital visits, and hospice visits. Bear also visits Deaf inmates in  State Corrections Facilities in different states via videophones. Bear  volunteered as a Deaf greeter for the 2nd time at the 2022 God Loves  You! Tour of Franklin Graham at Rochester, Minnesota. Bear is also a  Visiting Pastor for a few churches in the Midwest and travels as a  Speaker to different places. Bear now serves as a Public  Relations/Corresponding Secretary of the Deaf Holy Spirit Conference  2023 – Minnesota. 

Dirkx founded God’s Barn Ministries, a FB virtual church site on  Facebook, in August 2020. She has over 1K-2K followers and about  5K views when giving sermons on LIVE. The purpose of God’s Barn is  a Christ-Centered church, a Body of Christ, to reach out to the world to  know the Gospel. Dirkx obtained her ordination credentials recently in  April 2021. Bear’s hobbies are being with her loving companions,  Sunny (her cat) and Babe (her dog), photography, bird watching,  creating flyers for several churches, checking into new restaurants,  traveling, being a comedian to people, and being a servant for Jesus  Christ. Her theme for the MADWR 2023 is “Spiritual Tune-Up” with  various Biblical verses.